New Product: Miggo – another Kickstarter Campaign

I’ve invested in more than a few Kickstarter campaign’s over the past few years. Some have worked out amazingly. Others, not so much.

Redpop: a cool, useful item that makes an iPhone feel more like an ‘old school’ camera with it’s big red button. I don’t have one, I’ve using my Watershot a lot lately (not Kickstarter funded but a great product).

I’m waiting for my Tile. They’re going full speed ahead, taking pre-orders. Kickstarter funded or not, definitely worth watching.

I also had to support one of my all-time favorite bands, Toad The Wet Sprocket. So glad I did.

The new album is worth every dollar I invested. Listen to some of the new album.

Today, Miggo’s the thing that got a few bucks out of me.

It looks perfect for people like me who end up carrying too much stuff while tromping about the world leaving nothing behind, taking only photos with us.

Maybe I’ll get the dust off my old DSLR when Miggo’s ready for field testing.