Ad (r)age

(Apologies up front to Ad Age, the title just happened but I did visit your website during my digital walkabout.)


Eventually my blood starts to boil when I have to see ads. Especially really bad ones. One of the reasons I left Facebook was because of ads. By the way, if you stop clicking “Like”, you may find you have a better experience there.

Yesterday, when I was on Twitter, I saw this piece of work and started mulling over the cost of these things to each of us as individuals. When we have to filter out so much noise, it does take a toll. Exactly what kind of impact depends on the person. We all have different thresholds for constant digital chatter. I also started to wonder if I’d be willing to trade a little money to get rid of bothersome ads. In other words, would I subscribe to Twitter in exchange for an ad-free experience? No. Probably not.

Then I thought, maybe others are way ahead of me (highly likely!) on hiding promoted content. Not just ad blockers but content hiders. Sure enough, there may be ways to hide ads that appear as promotions like the one on Twitter that lead me down this road in the first place.

In addition to the usual ad blocking browser extensions, I found a post on about hiding promoted ads on Twitter.

If, as users, we collectively remember to click the “Dismiss” link to get rid of ads, maybe we can become our own ad blockers and promoted content hiders.

In the meantime, I’m going to test out the remove promotions extension for Chrome. If you use Firefox, try Bad Bird Blocker.