Password reset

Security Blanket by Lorrie Faith Cranor

The whole password reset thing needs to be standardized. The user experiences for resetting a password on any given digital property (website, app, etc.) are only generally OK – if that.

My guess is that by now (late April of 2018) people spend more time than anyone every would have anticipated managing passwords.

There have been academic studies, business surveys and cost estimators to try and get a little more data about this since Web 1.0. Beyond making us all a little _____, this password stuff actually costs money when you look at it from various points of view.

That includes thinking of them, remembering them, resetting them, retrieving them and especially worrying about them. Ever left a scrap of paper with a password written on it or called a help desk to reset a password? Me neither.

We have the means, we just have to agree that we’re going to do it. Who? We. The collective “We” really do have power. Think about how you want to access your data. It’s yours, after all.

As much of a PITA* as this password resetting situation is now, it’s not going to become simpler unless the consumer – me, you, we – start demanding it instead of writing bitchy blog posts like this one.

*PITA: Pain In The Ass