My professional experience – specifically as a user experience* designer – spans industry, technology and roles.

Effective user experience work includes activities and people across disciplines and functional areas. To name a handful:

Needs analysis and requirements definition (business goals, user requirements, organizational objectives, competitive analysis, technical constraints, change management, and so on).

Deep discovery, iterative design, development and deploy cycles, continuous measurement and ongoing improvement. I use five D’s and a few other frameworks that can be layered onto or integrated into others (SDLC, SAFe, ITIL, ITSM, PMBOK)

Good management of the design process and understanding critical contributions to specific areas can make or break an outcome. Because the common denominator is humans, this is true in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

My experience:

  • Initiatives that involve complex technology, digital transformations and anything that may fall into the wide-ranging category of business process improvement.
  • Consumer and business application improvements, overhauls and new implementations. Large-scale, integrated platform (re)designs for integrated branding and marketing, targeted campaigns and digital commerce.

I provide:

  • Cross-functional, executive-level leadership, customer experience design process education and facilitation.
  • Creative direction, product ownership, business analysis, information architecture, user research, experience design, process management.
  • Program and project management for waterfall, scrum, remote and conventional teamwork.
  • I produce many work products related to any of the work described here. Here are some artifact examples.

*UX stands for User Experience